Using Event Dashboards

When you go to the Events Main Section Overview page and click on an Event, you are taken to that Event's Dashboard.

The Event Dashboard is your portal for managing the tools, details and assignments for each specific Event. Your ability to access this dashboard as well as the tools and information presented on it is based on if you have been assigned to the Event and what level of permission you were granted to the account.

Each Event Dashboard has the following elements:

Event Name and Navigation
At the top of the page, you can view the Event name and date(s)/time(s). The Tool Navigation Header below the Event name tells you what tool you are currently in for the Event.

  • To navigate to another tool inside the same Event, click on the name of the tool or the arrow next to the header.
  • To navigate to another Event/Tool, clicking on the "Switch Event" button on the right side.

"Edit Event" Button
By clicking on this button, you can:

  • Edit the Event Name/Color
  • Edit the Event Date(s)/Time(s)
  • Add/Delete the Thumbnail Image for the Event
  • Archive the Event

"Export" PDFs
By clicking on this button, you can download the following PDF files:

  • Event Book PDF - This is a customizable PDF that lets you compile some or all of the data you have added to the event. If you want to store a record of all event details on your local computer, downloading this file will give you this capability.
  • Assigned Contacts PDF
  • Assigned Vendors PDF
  • Assigned Venues PDF

The following features are located in the left subnavigation box:

Event Tools
You can view all the tools available in the Event as well as quick statistics/totals for each tool.

  • To go to a tool, just click on it.
  • To change the order of how tools are displayed, use the up/down arrow next to each tool and drag the tool to the desired position.

Upcoming Items
This area gives you a timeline of upcoming items/activities related to the Event.

  • If you click on the arrow next to the header of this area, you can select how far out you wish to view upcoming items (as well as overdue items):
    • Items due this week by: today, Sunday, next Sunday or end-of-month - OR -
    • Items due over the next: 3, 7, 14, 30 or 60 days
  • The activities/items covered in this area include items with a date attached, like:
    • Budget payments due
    • Calendar appointments
    • Invoices due
    • Invoice payments reminders
    • To-Do's due

Activity Log
Here you can see all the user activity for everything in the Event over the last 14 days, and you can also view any emails sent from the Event in the last 14 days.

Assigned Contacts
In this area you can assign Contacts to the Events, which does two things:

  • It allows those Contacts to access the Event if you have given them access to your account.
  • It lets you and other users assign those Contacts to items inside of the Event's tools like To-Do's, Itinerary items and Budget items.

Here you can add Vendors to the vendor list inside the Event, which lets you add vendor assignments to things like Budget and Itinerary items. It DOES NOT give vendors access to the Event or to the account.

Here you can assign one or more Venues to the Event and designate the dates/times those venue spaces/rooms are booked. These Venue assignments will also display on the master Calendar in Venue view.

Here you can apply Tags to the Event so you can runs searches and Reports based on Tags.

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