Managing Payment Methods in the Client Portal


If you are using the Planning Pod system for invoicing/payment processing your clients can add/update payment methods from the portal. When a payment method is saved in the portal it also populates into their contact in Planning Pod, allowing you to use the payment on open invoices as well. 

Adding Payment Methods from the Portal:

  1. Just click on the "My Payment Methods" option from the home screen
  2. Click "Add" to add a new payment method
  3. Enter Card information and Click "Save"
  4. This information is stored securely by the payment processor and can only be used to apply payments to an invoice within the Planning Pod system.
  5. Payment methods in the client portal will also populate into the Contact card in the application.

Adding Payment Methods from the Contact Card:

  1. From the Contact list click to open a contact
  2. Click on the plus sign next to the Saves Payment Methods area
  3. Add card information and click "Save"

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