Overview - How Do System Access and User Permission Settings Work

Planning Pod gives you the ability to invite unlimited Authorized Users into your account to collaborate (as long as those users are related to your business - i.e., employees, staff, co-workers or contractors).* In addition, you can also provide your clients with access to a dedicated Client Portal, where they have limited access to select tools and a streamlined navigation.

Let's take a look at these two different access settings...

Account Access for Authorized Users

You can provide Authorized Users with access to your main account so that they can create their own username/password to log into your account to collaborate with you.

Planning Pod provides four (4) User Groups that you can assign users to:

  • Super Admin
  • Admin
  • Employee
  • User

You can set up permission settings for each of these User Groups in the Settings / User Access & Permissions area. These User Group permission settings let you designate what areas of your account each member of these User Groups can and cannot access. You can also provide each User Group with full access to tools or view-only access. 

You can also rename the Admin, Employee and User groups based on your needs and user audiences; the Super Admin group name is fixed and cannot be changed.

If there are areas or tools inside your account that you do not intend to use, you can also disable those areas/tools for your entire account.

See "Granting Authorized Users with Account Access" for more information.

Client Portal Access for Clients

The Client Portal is intended to provide your clients with limited functionality to select tools that streamline how they can perform required tasks for only the events they have been assigned to, including:

  • View and electronically sign proposals, contracts and banquet event orders (BEOs)
  • View and pay invoices
  • View food-and-beverage menus
  • View event itineraries
  • Download and upload/store electronic files (related to their events)
  • Complete online forms/questionnaires
  • Manage attendee lists and RSVPs
  • View or edit event floor plan designs
  • View assigned to-do's and mark them as complete
  • View vision boards + add images and comments

You can provide access to clients to their Client Portal in the Settings / User Access & Permissions area of your account. Here you can also select which tools you want your clients to be able to interact with via the Portal.

See "Setting Permissions and Granting Client Access to the Client Portal" for more information.

* Only authorized employees, representatives, contractors and contacts of each subscriber to Planning Pod may access and use the site via the subscriber's account, and none of them may distribute, license, sublicense or resell any portion thereof to any other person or entity. Use of Planning Pod to create a network or to resell to other users is strictly prohibited. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

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