Using Tags With Searches and Reports

You can use Tags as a search parameter when searching for groups of items labeled with the same Tags.

The main overview page for the Events, Leads, Contacts, Proposals, Invoices and Contracts sections all have a search feature, and one of the fields in that feature is labeled "That Match Tags." You can click into this field and select one or more Tags that you want to conduct a search for.

For example, say you want to find all Contacts that have been labeled with the Tag "New Lead". You would click in the field labeled "That Match Tags"; select "New Lead"; then click the "Search Now" button to find all the contacts with the "New Lead" tag.

Similarly, when you are running a report, you also can use the "That Match Tags" field to run a report that pulls items with a specific Tag or Tags. For example, if you want to run a Lead Report for any Lead with the Tag "New Lead", you can enter that into the search parameters and it will pull only those Leads with that specific Tag.

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