Overview - How Do Templates Work

Our Templates tools let you build reusable Templates that you can use over and over again for things like:

Templates are great timesavers if you use the same items or lists frequently ... just build the Template, import it into the particular tool inside your Events (or Leads), and make changes to the imported items once they are inside the tool.

There are two ways you can create Templates:

  • In the Templates section of your account (located in the main navigation bar).
  • In the specific tool located inside the Event or Lead (for example, if you are in the To-Do's tool in an Event, you can export a To-Do list you have created in an Event as a Template, and it will be saved in the Templates area).

To import a Template into an Event or Lead tool, just go to the corresponding tool and click on the "Import Template" button.

NOTE: Creating templates may require some copying-and-pasting from your existing documents and spreadsheets, and thus they may take a little bit of setup time. However, once they are set up in your account, you never again have to touch them and they will save you lots of time moving forward.

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