Importing Contacts From a File

NOTE: If you are importing from an Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet, you first need to save the file as a .csv file. You can do this in Excel by going to "File > Save As" or in Google Docs/Drive by going to "File > Download As" and selecting the .csv option.

When importing via a file, we recommend using the vCard (.vcf file) option whenever possible, as it is a much more stable method of moving contacts from one application to another.

  1. Click on "Contacts" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the "Import" button.
  3. Find the "Import From a File" option and select "Start Import".
  4. Select any Tags that you wish to apply to the contacts you will be importing.
  5. Determine what kind of file you will be uploading - vCard or .csv file - and click on the appropriate "Browse" button.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you select the .csv file option, we highly recommend downloading and using our Contacts .csv Template (provided on screen) as your starting template for your list. If you choose to upload your own custom file and not our template, we cannot guarantee that your data will import correctly.
  6. Select the file and upload it.
    • FOR .CSV OPTION ONLY: Using the dropdown menus, map the fields/columns in your file to the fields in our database and click "Import Now".
  7. The Contacts have been uploaded (if you have a large file with more than 500 contacts, this may take a few moments).
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