Managing Duplicates of Contacts

If you have created or uploaded duplicate contacts to your Contacts area, you can merge these contacts. NOTE: We scan for duplicates using each Contact's main email address, so any duplicates that are found are based on duplicated email addresses.

To Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts:

  1. Click on "Contacts" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the "More" button and select the "Manage Duplicates" option. Any duplicates will be shown on the next screen.
  3. To merge information for a Contact with duplicates, just click on the "Merge These Contacts" link below that particular Contact. Repeat this until you have merged all duplicates.
  4. NOTE: If any particular Contact has been assigned to an Event/Lead or is attached to an Invoice, Proposal or Contract, you will not be able to merge them with other Contacts.
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