Adding a New Event

To Add a New Event:

  1. Click on "Events" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the "Add New Event" button.
  3. Enter the Event name; Event color (for more easily identifying Event-related items on the Calendars tool); type of Event; target budget (optional); and start date/time and end date/time.
  4. Choose one of two methods of attendee management for the event:
    • RSVP - Where you can upload your guest list and collect RSVPs via the Event Website. This is typically used for invitation/RSVP style Events like weddings, parties and social events.
    • Registration - Where you can set up tickets to collect registrations/signups for paid or free Events via the Event Website or an embeddable registration checkout form. This is typically used for paid or free Events where you are collecting registrations and/or selling tickets.
      • NOTE - If you select the Registration option, you will need to complete a few additional fields, including a brief description of the event and the event point-of-contact details.
  5. Click "Save" when you are finished.

This brings you to the Event Dashboard page, where you can access the Event tools and add/manage additional information for this Event such as Tags; Assigned Contacts; Venue Bookings; and Vendor List.

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