Overview - How Do Calendars Work

The Calendars tool lets you track a variety of date-related items all in one convenient place. There are two types of sub-calendars in the Calendars tool:

  • Personal sub-calendars - These are ad-hoc sub-calendars that you can create on the fly for various purposes. They are not related or attached to Events or Leads, and many people use them to track internal or administrative appointments and details.
  • Event/Lead sub-calendars - When you create an Event or Lead, the system automatically creates a sub-calendar for this Event or Lead.

All sub-calendars are color-coded for your convenience; you can select the color for an Event sub-calendar when you create or edit an Event (or Lead), and you can select the color for a Personal sub-calendar in the Calendars tool. You can view/hide a sub-calendar by simply clicking on the checkbox to the left of the sub-calendar's description.

In the Calendars area, you can add the following items:

  • Appointments to Personal sub-calendars
  • Appointments to Event or Lead sub-calendars
  • To-Do's to Event/Lead sub-calendars (these will also sync with the To-Do's in each Event/Lead To-Do's tool)

There are two different ways that you can view the Calendar:

  1. View by Event - This allows you to view calendar items by the Event/Lead they are related to. This view is recommended when you want to see all your event-related items on the Calendar, which include:
    • Event Dates
    • Appointments
    • To-Do's
    • Budget Payment Due Dates
  2. View by Venue - This allows you to view calendar items by the Venue and Space/Room they are assigned to. This view is recommended when you want to view your Venue and Space/Room assignments for your Events/Leads.

You have the ability to filter the Calendar by the type/status of the event, which includes:

  • Events
  • Open Leads
  • Holds (Leads)
  • Archived Events

You can also designate if you want to view invoice due dates and invoice scheduled payment due dates in the Calendars area.

Finally, you can sync your Planning Pod Calendar one-way to another electronic calendar (like Google, Yahoo or Apple calendars). You can do this by clicking on the "Import/Export" button and selecting the "Sync to Other E-Calendars" option. Note that this will only let you view your Planning Pod calendar items in your other electronic calendar and not vice versa.

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