Setting the System Access Levels for Your User Groups

You can provide other Contacts with access to your account so that they can be authorized users and collaborate with you inside your account.

When you provide these users with account access, you assign them to one of four User Access Groups - Super Admin, Admin, Employee and Client. You have the ability to adjust the permission settings for each of these User Access Groups to designate what areas of your account the Contacts assigned to these groups can and cannot access.

To Adjust Permission Settings for User Access Groups:

  1. Click on "Settings" in the top navigation bar.
  2. Find "User Access" and click the "Manage This Setting" link.
  3. Under each user group, you will find a checkbox for each area/tool in your account. To provide a User Group with access to a particular area, check the appropriate box. To deny access to that User Group, uncheck the appropriate box.


  • If you want members of a particular User Group to only have access to the events they have been assigned to, MAKE SURE to click on the "Access to Assigned Events Only" checkbox. If you leave this box unchecked, members of that User Group will be able to access all events in your account. Turning this setting on will also turn off the Proposals, Invoices and Contracts tabs in the main navigation bar; however, the users will have access to any proposal, invoice or contract connected to the events they are assigned to.
  • The "Read Only" option will allow a User Group to only view or read information in the areas you give them permission to access, and they will not be able to add or modify any information in any area of the account.
  • Be aware that the Reports area of your account allows users to download reports containing account-wide information, so be careful of whom you provide access to for this area.

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