Downloading PDF and .CSV Files for Event Tools

Video Tip - Go to the 4:16 mark in the video below for how to download Event PDFs.

In many places in our application (including on the Event Dashboard and in the Reports area), you can create downloadable PDF and/or .csv files with information compiled from your Events.

NOTE: When downloading PDFs for many of the tools mentioned below, you have the option to include/exclude certain pieces of data or details, which allows you to either download a consolidated PDF (with fewer pages) or an expanded PDF (with more information and, hence, more pages).

On the Event Dashboard, by clicking on the "Export" button, you can download the following PDF files:

  • Event Book PDF - This is a customizable PDF that lets you compile some or all of the data you have added to the event. If you want to store a record of all event details on your local computer, downloading this file will give you this capability.
  • Assigned Contacts PDF
  • Assigned Vendors PDF
  • Assigned Venues PDF

In addition, you can download PDF and/or .csv reports inside many of the Event tools, including:

  • Appointments
  • Attendee List (PDF and .csv file download options)
  • Budget (PDF and .csv file download options)
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Floorplans
  • Forms Builder (PDF and .csv file download options)
  • Guest List (PDF and .csv file download options)
  • Itinerary  (PDF and .csv file download options)
  • Notes
  • Orders (Registration Events only; PDF and .csv file download options)
  • To-Do's
  • Time Entries

To download these files, just click on the tool from the Event Dashboard and look for the "Import/Export" button.

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