Customizing the Header/Footer of System PDFs

In many places throughout your account you can download printable PDF documents and reports to your computer.

You have the ability to customize the text that appears in the header and footer of PDFs that you download from your account. For example, you may want to include your organization's contact information and address in the header and a copyright line in the footer.

NOTE: For your organization's logo to appear in the header of your PDFs, see Uploading/Displaying Your Organization's Logo. DO NOT add your logo to the PDF header text box described below.

To Customize the Header/Footer of System PDF Downloads:

  1. Click on your name in the top left corner and select the "Settings" option.
  2. Under the "Look & Feel" heading, click on the "PDF Layout" link.
  3. Click on the "Update Settings" button.
  4. In the "Header/Footer" tab, you can modify the header alignment (left, center, right) and add footer text.
  5. In the "Setup Pre-Built Header" tab, you can use information from your account owner's profile in the Contacts area (address, phone number, email address, website) to build your header. We use this as the default header for your account PDFs.
  6. In the "Setup Custom Header" tab, you can override the Pre-Built Header option and customize your header by typing your custom information in the provided text box.
  7. Click "Save" when you are finished.


Video Instruction: Skip to the 1:20 point of the video below to view how to brand your account PDFs.

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