Adding/Managing Gallery Panels

The gallery panel tool lets you add an array of images (each with a headline and caption) to each Event Website. You may find this useful for displaying speakers, entertainers or participants for your Events, or you could also use it to display testimonials or features/benefits for an Event.

By default, we provide you with a gallery panel in every new Event Website, and you can modify, move or delete this panel as well as add additional gallery panels to a site.

Also, by default a gallery comes with 6 items, to which you can add an image, headline and caption. You can add additional items by clicking on the "Add New Item" button next to the panel. You can also remove as many of these items as you wish by clicking on the "Remove" button above the item.

To Add a Gallery Panel to an Event Website:

  1. Click on the "Event Website" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Event Website" tool.
  2. Click the "Add New Panel" button.
  3. Under "Add Other Panels", select "Gallery Panel".
  4. The new panel will be added to the top of the Event Website and you can move or modify this panel using the panel controls next to the panel.

To Manage/Modify a Gallery Panel:

  1. To add/change an image to a gallery item:
    • Click on the "Image" button above the appropriate item.
    • Click on "Select File" to upload a file from your computer.
      • NOTE: A file name cannot contain any of these characters: \ / : * ? < > |
    • Position the image by clicking-and-holding on the image and dragging it to where you want it. Enlarge/shrink the image by using the "+" and "-" options to zoom in or zoom out.
    • When you are finished positioning the image, click on the green crop icon to save it.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum file size for images is 2.55 MB; if your file is too large, you will need to edit the image to shrink the image size.
  2. To add/change an item headline/caption:
    • Click on the the "Text" button above the appropriate item.
    • Add/modify the item headline and caption, and click "Save" when you are finished.
  3. To add an additional item to a gallery:
    • Click on the "Add New Item" button next to the panel.
    • Add a headline and a caption.
    • Once the item is added, you can upload an image for the item.
  4. To remove/delete an item from a gallery:
    • Click on the "Remove" button above the appropriate item.
  5. To move a gallery panel:
    • Click on the "Move Panel" button and select the desired option (move up one, move down one, move to top, move to bottom).
  6. To remove a gallery panel:
    • Click on the "Remove Panel" button.
    • NOTE: This will permanently delete the panel and its associated information. There is no way to recover this deleted information.
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