Overview - How Do Contacts Work

The Contacts tool serves as the address book for your account where you can add contact information for anyone involved with your events, including:

  • Staff members/employees
  • Clients and leads
  • Vendors and subcontractors
  • Members of your organization
  • Committee members and volunteers
  • Colleagues and business contacts

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to be able to assign people and vendors to Leads and Events (as well as assign them to things like Itinerary or Budget Line items) or to assign people to Proposals, Invoices or Contracts, you first need to add them as a Contact.

Not only is the Contacts section where you can store personal contact information for each person (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), but you can also:

In addition, you can use the Tags function to create labels that you can then apply to certain groups of Contacts. For example, if you wanted to be able to easily identify all the transportation vendors in your Contacts list, you could create a Tag called "Transportation - Vendors" and add this Tag to the appropriate Contacts. Then you could run a search for Contacts tagged with "Transportation - Vendors" to view those Contacts and to export them to a .csv file or to another application.

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