Managing Social Sharing Settings

You can add social sharing buttons to an Event Website that enable a site visitor to instantly create a post about your Event on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. The sharing buttons include:

  • Facebook "Like" button
  • Twitter "Tweet" button
  • LinkedIn "Share" button

These social sharing buttons will appear in the header of your Event Website, and by default these buttons are turned on. Inside the Event Website tool, next to the Website header you will find a button labeled "Social Sharing" where you can manage these social sharing buttons as well as the default text and image that will be posted/shared.

To Manage/Modify Social Sharing Buttons:

  1. Click on the "Event Website" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Event Website" tool.
  2. Find the buttons next to the Website header and click on the "Social Sharing" button.
  3. Use the "Yes/No" dropdown menus to select if you want to show the Facebook "Like", Twitter "Tweet" or LinkedIn "Share" buttons on your Event Website.
  4. Enter the default post headline (Facebook and LinkedIn only) and the default post message. We have already added a default message but you can change/modify this is you wish.
  5. To add an image for Facebook and LinkedIn posts:
    • Click on the "Select File" button to upload a file from your computer.
      • NOTE: A file name cannot contain any of these characters: \ / : * ? < > |
    • Position the image by clicking-and-holding on the image and dragging it to where you want it. Enlarge/shrink the image by using the "+" and "-" options to zoom in or zoom out.
    • When you are finished positioning the image, click on the green crop icon to save it. The image will appear in the top of the form.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Maximum file size for images is 2.55 MB; if your file is too large, you will need to edit the image to shrink the image size.
  6. Click the "Save" button when you are finished.

NOTE: Facebook and LinkedIn refresh the "like/share" button content every 24-48 hours, so after you save this content in the Event Website tool, there may be a delay in displaying any changes to you make to the Post Headline and Message on the Event Website.

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