Overview - How Do Budgets Work

The Budget tool lets you create a comprehensive budget for your event - including customizable categories and unlimited line items for expenses and income - as well as track payments on expenses and set up payment reminders to vendors.

In addition, with the Budget tool you can also:

All Budget total amounts will display at the top of the tool so you can easily see the overall status of your budgeted costs (or income), payments to-date, and balances due for all items.

Budget Display Options

In navigating around the Budget tool, there are two ways information is displayed based on if you have added Budget Categories or not.

If you have not added Budget Categories - All your Line Items will display together in a table called "Budget Items" with a subtotal at the bottom.

If you have added Budget Categories and assigned Line Items to Categories - Each Category will have its own table with the Line Items assigned to that Category along with a Category subtotal at the bottom. If you also have Line Items not assigned to a Category, they will display in their own table at the top of the Budget called "Budget Items".

Click here to learn more about managing Budget Categories or to learn more about managing Line Items.

There are a few convenient features that make viewing and accessing information easier in this area:

  • Show/Hide - This lets you turn on or off certain columns or pieces of information if you wish to show or hide them.
  • Expand Item Details - This allows you to expand all details inside of each Line Item (like details for the Payment Due Dates, Payments Made To-Date, Attached Vendors, Line Item Managers and Notes fields) so you can see everything that has been entered into all the Line Items.
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