Downloading the Budget to PDF and .CSV Files

Video Tip - Go to the 6:50 mark of the video to view information on how to download PDF and .CSV files of your Budget.

You can download the complete budget for an Event into either a .CSV file (which you can then open with a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets) or a PDF file.

To Download a Budget File:

  1. Click on the "Budget" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch or Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Budget" tool.
  2. Click on the "Import/Export" button:
    • To download a PDF file:
      1. Select the "Download PDF" option.
      2. Select if you want to include Vendor/Manager lists, Budgeting Groups and item notes/details in the file. Then click "Generate PDF".
    • To download a .CSV file:
      1. Select the "Download .CSV" option. The file will download to your computer momentarily.
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