Collecting Online Credit Card Payments for Invoices

Video Tip - Go to the 4:43 mark of the video to view information on how to collect credit card payments on your Invoices.

Planning Pod account owners have the ability to collect online credit card payments via the Invoices tool.

Your account has already been set up to accept online payments through our payment processing partner WePay. However, you can view all available payment processors in the Settings / Credit Card Processing area of your account.

You can collect online credit card payments for your invoices in three ways:

  • Use the "Email" option to place a "Pay Now" button in an Invoice email, which will take your client to an online payment page.
  • Use the "Payment Reminders" option to place a "Pay Now" button in a Payment Reminder email, which will take your client to an online payment page.
  • Use the "Add Payment/Collect Payment via WePay" option to manually process a credit card payment for an Invoice (if you are accepting payment in person or over the phone).

Once a payment is processed and approved, the credit card processor will provide the payment information to Planning Pod, and we will notify you via email and apply the payment against the Invoice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first time you collect a credit card payment using WePay as the payment processor, if you have not confirmed your WePay account or provided WePay with information on where to send funds, you will receive email and in-app notifications to provide WePay with this information. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION, ANY COLLECTED FUNDS CANNOT BE SENT TO YOU AND WILL BE REFUNDED TO THE PAYER AFTER 30 DAYS.

To Collect Credit Card Payments Via Emailed Invoices or Payment Reminders:

  • From the Invoice Dashboard, when you click on the "Email" button - OR - in the Payment Reminder when you click the "Schedule Reminder" button, in the form you will find an "Add 'Pay Now' Button to This Email?" field. Use the dropdown menu in that field to select the credit card processor you wish to use to collect payment for that Invoice.
    • NOTE: Your account has been automatically set up to accept payments through our payment processing partner WePay.
  • When the email message or payment reminder email is sent, a "Pay Now" button will be included in the body of the email message that your client can click on. This takes them to a payment page where they provide their credit card information and submit the payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The default email address and message that send during this process are managed in the account settings.You can customize the message before it sends when using the "Email" button but not when using the payment reminders. 

To Collect Credit Card Payments Manually:

  • From the Invoice Dashboard, click the "Add Payment" button; select the "Collect Payment via WePay/PaySimple" option; enter the credit card information; and submit payment.

Once a payer submits the credit card payment, you will be informed when the transaction is processed and the payment will be added to the invoice in the "Payments" area. If you are using WePay to process the payment, funds are usually deposited in your bank account within 2-5 business days (although it could take longer if the transaction needs to be reviewed/audited).

NOTE: If you use the payment provider WePay to collect invoice payments, you can also designate inside of the invoice to pass the credit card charges along to your client so they pay the credit card fees along with the other charges on the invoice. This IS NOT available with PaySimple.

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