Overview - How Do Proposals Work

The Proposals tool gives Users the ability to create customized Proposals with unlimited line items and the ability to:

  • Attach introductory and/or contractual language.
  • Arrange line items into categories and attach images to line items.
  • Add/calculate Additional Fees, including gratuities, service fees, shipping/delivery and setup fees.
  • Collect electronic signatures for approval/signoff and make change orders to signed proposals.
  • Attach files (like e-brochures and spec sheets).
  • Create image galleries with full color images.
  • Attach Proposals to Events (and subsequently run reports on them).
  • Email Proposals to prospects from inside your account.
  • Create and import Proposal Templates into new Proposals.
  • Create and import Line Item Templates into Proposals.
  • Convert Proposals into Invoices in a single click.
  • Copy line items from Proposals into Budgets.
  • Generate a Report on Proposals.

Getting Around the Main Proposals Page

The main Proposals page of your account provides Stat Circles at the top of the page for viewing data points like:

  • Total Proposed amounts
  • Signed proposals
  • Unsigned propopsals

By clicking on the "View" button under each of these Stat Circles, you can view all the Proposals included in that filter.

You can also click on the up/down arrow icon at the top of each column in the Proposals table to instantly sort ascending or descending by that particular piece of data.

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