Copying Proposal Line Items to the Event Budget

There may be occasions when you add a line item to a Proposal and want to copy that into the Event Budget to track it as an expense (and even payments against it).

You can do this from inside the Proposal Dashboard.

To Copy a Proposal Line Item to the Event Budget:

  1. Use one of these three ways to access the Proposals tool:
    • Click on the "Proposals" tool button on the Event or Lead Dashboard.
    • Use the Quick Launch or Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Proposals" tool.
    • Click on "Proposals" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Find the appropriate Proposal and click on it.
  3. In the line items area, click on the "Import/Export" button and select the "Import Line Items to Budget" option.
  4. In the "Select Line Items" field, click in the field and select the line items you wish to copy into an Event Budget.
  5. In the next dropdown box, select the Event that you want to move the line items to.
  6. Click "Save" when you are finished. The items have been moved to the Event Budget that you designated.
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