Overview - How Does the Forms Builder Work

With the Forms Builder, you can create customized forms for collecting input or feedback from anyone involved with an Event. This is a great tool for collecting pre-Event input from team members or clients as well as compiling feedback after an Event is over.

The Forms Builder lets you create new Forms by adding multiple choice or long/short answer fields. Other features of this tool include:

  • Making questions required or optional.
  • Adding required contact fields.
  • Importing Form templates.
  • Collecting responses to a Form electronically.
  • Ability of respondents to return to a form to make updates/edits to their responses.
  • Viewing/downloading Form responses by respondent or by question.
  • Managing form settings.

Once you have created a Form, you can email it to Users assigned to the Event from inside the Form Builder itself, or you can copy-and-paste the Form link and include it in your own emails to team members, clients, stakeholders and even attendees.

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