Overview - How Does the Forms Builder Work

With the Forms Builder, you can create customized forms for collecting input or feedback regarding your Events or Leads. This is a great tool for doing things like:

  • Collecting pre-Event input from team members or clients.
  • Compiling feedback from attendees after an Event is over.
  • Having prospects/leads provide additional information during the sales process.

The Forms Builder offers the ability to add multiple choice or long/short answer questions to your forms. Other features of this tool include:

  • Making questions required or optional.
  • Adding required contact fields.
  • Creating/using Form Templates.
  • Collecting responses to a form electronically either via email or via a sharable URL link.
  • Ability of respondents to return to a form to make updates/edits to their responses or to complete the form.
  • Viewing/downloading form responses by respondent or by question.
  • Managing form settings.

Once you have created a form, you can email it to Users assigned to the Event, or you can copy-and-paste the sharable Form URL link and include it in your own emails to team members, clients, prospects, stakeholders and even attendees.

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