Duplicating Floorplan Elements

Many room layouts require the same items (tables, couches, bars, etc) to be used more than one time in a single layout. Some items, like tables and chair rows can be added in bulk while others can be quickly duplicated using a keyboard shortcut or with the click of a button. 

To Duplicate a Floorplan Element:

  1. In the Floorplan Dashboard, click on the element you wish to duplicate.
  2. A menu will appear at the top of the canvas - simply click the duplicate icon mceclip1.png as many times as you need - OR - use Control/Command + C to copy and Control/Command + V to Paste.
  3. The duplicated elements will be fanned out on top of each other so you can start dragging them to where you want to place them on the Floorplan canvas

NOTE: The duplicated elements will contain the same information as the original, including name, color, dimensions and rotation. You can change these by selecting the element(s) and using the dynamic menu that appears at the top of the canvas to make changes.

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