Duplicating Floorplan Elements

After you add a Floorplan element, you can create one or more copies of it in a single action.

This is especially useful if say you need to create a roomful of tables with the same dimensions. Just create one table, create as many copies as you need in one action and then move them to the appropriate places.

To Duplicate a Floorplan Element:

  1. In the Floorplan Template, click on the element you wish to duplicate.
  2. An "actions" menu will drop down from the top of the browser window. Select the "Duplicate" option; select the number of duplicate copies you need; and click the "Duplicate Now" button.
  3. The duplicated elements will be fanned out on top of each other so you can start dragging them to where you want to place them on the Floorplan palette.

NOTE: The duplicated elements will contain the same information as the original, including name, color, dimensions and rotation. You can change these by clicking on each item and, from the "actions" menu in the top of the browser menu, selecting the "Edit" option.


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