Managing Attendee Table and Seat Assignments


The Floorplan tool in each Event connects with the Attendee List tool so you can assign attendees seats to create a seating arrangement for your Floorplan and Event. You can also update attendee status and meal choices from the Floorplans tool.

Before you can start adding attendees to seats, you must first attach an RSVP event from the Attendee List to the Floorplan.

NOTE: Before adding attendees to seats, we recommend checking the "Show Attendees" box in the view filters to the right of the canvas on so you can see the attendees' names on the seats.

To Set Up Adding Attendees to Seats (only for Events set to Collect RSVPs):
NOTE: These instructions are only for Events set up for collecting RSVPs. If you have set up your Event for selling tickets/collecting registrations, you can disregard these instructions.

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, click on the "Attendees" tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select the RSVP Event from the Attendee List tool that you wish to use in placing attendees at seats (learn more about RSVP Events).
  3. Click on the "Submit" button.
  4. This will import your attendee list to the Floorplan so you are ready to begin seating guests.

There are several ways to add Attendees to a your Seating plan.

Adding a single attendee to a chair or table:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, make sure the "Attendees" tab is selected in the left column.
  2. In the attendee list, find the attendee you want to place; click-and-hold on the attendee's name; and drag that person to the appropriate seat to choose their specific seat.
  3. To add the attendee to a table without selecting a seat simply drag and drop them on top of the table. An open seat at the table will be randomly assigned to the attendee

Adding groups of 2 or more attendees to a specific chair or table:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, make sure the "Attendees" tab is selected in the left column.
  2.  In the attendee list select 2 or more users by holding down the "Sift" key while clicking on each person you would like included in the group.
  3. Click-and-hold on one of the attendees names; and drag the group to the appropriate table. 
  4. Each attendee in the group will be assigned to a seat at the table you selected. 

Bulk seating/unseating of Attendees:

We understand that there are sometimes key players or VIPs that need specific assigned seats and other who can be seated anywhere on your diagram. Here's how it works:

  1. Once you have seated the key individuals and are ready to seat the rest of your guests click "Seat All" and confirm the action to seat all attendees in your floorplan.
  2. To unseat all guests click "Unseat All" and confirm the action. Note that this will remove all guests from their assigned places in the floorplan

To Move an Attendee to Another Seat:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, find where the attendee is seated (the table name/number is displayed below the attendee's name in the attendee list).
  2. Click-and-hold on the seat where the attendee is currently placed and drag that person to the new seat.
  3. You can switch two attendees seating assignment by dragging and dropping the attendee on top of the other and confirming the move.

To Remove an Attendee From a Seat:

  1. Click-and-hold on the seat and drag the guest out of the seat and release - OR - click once to select the attendee and click the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.
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