Managing Attendee Table and Seat Assignments

Video Tip - Go to the 6:55 mark of the video to view information on assigning attendees to seats in the Floorplan.

The Floorplan tool in each Event connects with the Attendee List tool so you can drag-and-drop attendees onto seats to create a seating arrangement for your Floorplan and Event.

Before you can start adding attendees to seats, you must first attach an RSVP Collector from the Attendee List to the Floorplan.

NOTE: Before adding attendees to seats, we recommend switching the Current View to the "Attendee View" option so you can see the attendees' names on the seats.

To Set Up Adding Attendees to Seats (only for Events set to Collect RSVPs):
NOTE: These instructions are only for Events set up for collecting RSVPs. If you have set up your Event for selling tickets/collecting registrations, you can disregard these instructions.

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, click on the "Attendees" tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select the RSVP Event from the Attendee List tool that you wish to use in placing attendees at seats (learn more about RSVP Events).
  3. Click on the "Attach RSVP Event Now" button.

To Add an Attendee to a Seat:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, make sure the "Attendees" tab is selected in the left column.
  2. In the attendee list, find the attendee you want to place; click-and-hold on the attendee's name; and drag that person to the appropriate seat.
  3. The attendee will be placed on the seat.

To Move an Attendee to Another Seat:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, find where the attendee is seated (the table name/number is displayed below the attendee's name in the attendee list).
  2. Click-and-hold on the seat where the attendee is currently placed and drag that person to the new seat.

To Remove an Attendee From a Seat:

  1. On the Floorplan Dashboard, find the attendee in the attendee list and click on the "Remove from Seat" link under their name.
  2. Once you do this, you can place the attendee at another seat.
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