Adding/Managing Budget Categories

Video Tip - Go to the 0:52 mark of the video to view information on how to add a Category to a Budget.

To better organize your Budget, you can create unlimited Categories and assign Line Items to Categories. Each Category will have its own table containing the Line Items assigned to it as well as a summary of Category subtotals.

To Add a New Budget Category:

  1. Click on the "Budget" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch or Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Budget" tool.
  2. Click on the "Add Category" button.
  3. Enter the Category name and click "Save".
  4. Once the Category has been added, you can assign line items to that Category.

To Assign a Single Line Item to a Category:

  1. Find the appropriate line item and click on the "Actions" button in the far right column.
  2. Select the "Update Category" option, choose the appropriate Category and click "Save".

To Assign Multiple Line Items to a Category:

  1. Use the checkbox feature to click on the checkboxes next to the Budget Line Items that you wish to move to a Category.
  2. In the "Available Actions" menu that appears, click on the "Move to Category" option.
  3. Select the appropriate Category using the dropdown menu and click "Save".

To Edit or Delete a Category:

  1. Find the appropriate Category and click on the "Actions" button to the right of the Category name.
  2. To Rename:
    • Select "Rename Category" option; make your changes; and click "Save".
  3. To Delete:
    • Select "Delete Category".
    • NOTE: This will permanently delete the category, but it WILL NOT delete the line items in the Category, which will appear in the general "Budget Items" table with no category assigned.
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