Overview - How Do Invoices Work

Our Invoices tool lets you create, manage and send out customized Invoices with unlimited line items. Features of this tool include the ability to:

  • Attach Invoices to Events (and subsequently run reports on them).
  • Add payments to Invoices.
  • Schedule payments for Invoices (great for billing clients in installments).
  • Email Invoices to clients from inside your account.
  • Attach images to Invoice line items.
  • Create and import Invoice Templates into new Invoices.
  • Create and import Line Item Templates into Invoices.
  • Import Time Entries from Events into Invoices.
  • Generate Reports on Invoices (including Reports on Invoice Payments, Invoice History, Scheduled Payments and Open Invoices).

In addition, if you create an account with one of our approved credit card processors, you can also seamlessly collect online credit card payments on your Invoices.

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