Importing a Line Item Template Into an Invoice

Video Tip - Go to the 3:30 mark of the video to view information on how to import a Line Item Template into an Invoice.

In the Templates area, you can create Line Item Templates that you can import into Invoices and Proposals. This is great for adding things like packages, menu items, rental items or other commonly requested items. Once you import the Line Item Template, you can then modify it from within the Invoice.

To Import a Line Item Template into an Invoice:

  1. Use one of these three ways to access the Invoices tool:
    • Click on the "Invoices" tool button on the Event Dashboard.
    • Use the Quick Launch or Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Invoices" tool.
    • Click on "Invoices" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Find the appropriate Invoice to which you want to add Line Item Templates and click on it.
  3. Find the line items area; click on the "Import/Export" button; then select the "Import Line Item Template(s) as New Line Items" option.
  4. Click in the field to select one or more Line Item Templates that you wish to import as new Line Items.
  5. After clicking "Save", the selected Templates will be saved as new Line Items. They will include all details from the Template (including name, amounts and image), which you can now edit and modify.

For more about Line Item templates, see Creating/Using Line Item Templates.

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