Setting Up Payment Reminders for Invoices

Video Tip - Go to the 6:08 mark of the video to view information on how to create Payment Reminders for Invoice payments.

For each Invoice you can set up one or more Payment Reminders for reminding clients to pay a specific amount on a future dates; you also have the option to send them a payment link with the reminder email.

This feature is great if your clients pay you in installments or if you simply want the system to automatically send out payment reminders on certain dates/times.

For example, if you have an invoice that needs to be paid in full by July 1, and you want to collect payments in four installments on April 1, May 1, June 1 and July 1, you can set up four payment reminders for each of those days and specify the amount that needs to be paid on each of those dates using this feature.

Also, if you provide your clients with access to the Client Portal, you can give them the ability to view their invoices and payment reminders for each invoice as well as make payments inside the Portal.

A payment reminder is an email that contains a message reminding your client of the amount and due date for an upcoming payment as well as a PDF attachment of the related invoice. The email also contains an online payment link if you have chosen to include it.

When you create a Payment Reminder, you can designate:

  • Number or reminders you want to create for the invoice; if 2 or more, you can also determine how many days apart the reminders should be scheduled (this is the "day span" between reminders).
  • Title/description of each reminder.
  • Payment amount for each reminder.
  • Due date of first payment (additional reminders will be sent based on the day span you selected earlier).
  • Date and time that first reminder should be emailed (this time will be used for sending all future reminders based on the selected day span).
  • If you have created an account with one of our recommended credit card processors, you can also add a "Pay Now" button to the email message that will take the client directly to an online credit card payment page.

NOTE: You can also set up "auto-pay" payments that will automatically run a payment on a customer's saved credit card; see "Setting Up "Auto-Pay" Credit Card Payments for Invoices" for more details.

To Create One or More Scheduled Payment Reminders:

  1. Use one of these three ways to access the Invoices tool:
    • Click on the "Invoices" tool button on the Event Dashboard.
    • Use the Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Invoices" tool.
    • Click on "Invoices" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Find the Invoice to which you want to add one or more Payment Reminders and click on it.
  3. Find the "Payment Reminders" area and click on the plus icon.
  4. Select the number of reminders you wish to create. NOTE: If you select 2 or more reminders, then the intervals between the reminders and the payment amount for each reminder will be the same. If you need different intervals and/or amounts for your reminders, you will have to create reminders one at a time (and not in batches).
    • If you select 2 or more reminders, use the "How Many Days Apart?" field to determine the interval or "day span" between when reminders are scheduled/sent.
  5. Add the title/description for each reminder.
  6. Use the "Add 'Pay Now' Button" option if you wish to add a link inside the reminder email(s) so your client can access a payment screen to make payment(s) online.
  7. Enter the "Amount Due" for each payment. You can also use the "Quick Fill" option to calculate a percentage of the invoice total for each reminder or to apply the balance of the invoice.
  8. Select the due date for the payment (or, if you selected 2 or more reminders, this will be the due date for the first payment, and additional payments will be set according to the "day span").
  9. Select the date and time for the email reminder to be sent to the client (or, if you selected 2 or more reminders, this will be the date/time for the first reminder, and additional reminders will be sent according to the "day span" at the same time as the first reminder).
  10. Click "Save" when you are finished.
  11. Repeat if you wish to add more Payment Reminders to the same Invoice.

Once created, the Payment Reminder will have a yellow "pending" status until the email message is sent to the client on the designated date, after which it will show a green "sent" status.

The reminder will display as red "Not Paid" status until the client pays by credit card and it is automatically marked as green "Paid" status - OR - until you click on the "Actions" button for the Reminder and "Mark as Paid".

You can also edit or delete the Payment Reminder by clicking on the "Actions" button next to the Reminder.

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