Overview - How Does the Attendee List Work

The Attendee List tool lets you add and manage information for your attendees/guests, and it also integrates with the Event Website tool (to collect RSVP information online from attendees) and the Floorplan tool (to assign attendees to seats and create seating arrangements).

For starters, this tool lets you manually add or upload your attendees (from a list or another online application) and manage information for each attendee, including:

  • Contact details (name, address, email, phone, etc.)
  • RSVP status (attending, not attending, etc.)
  • Meal choice selection
  • Responses to custom questions that you can create

You can download this information for all attendees to a .csv file (compatible with Excel and Google Docs) or generate a file to print out name badges (using standard Avery label templates).

By default, we provide a primary RSVP Pool for each Event; an RSVP Pool compiles RSVP responses, meal counts and answers to custom questions for each segment of your Event. You can create additional RSVP Pools if you need to collect RSVPs and other information from your attendees for multiple event segments (say if you needed to collect RSVPs for the main event and separate RSVPs for a post-event function).

For each RSVP Pool, you can add meal choice options and custom questions (text and multiple choice) for collecting additional information from attendees. These meal choice options and custom questions will be presented to attendees if they are RSVPing via the Event Website (see next paragraph).

As for managing RSVPs, you can collect RSVPs via the Event Website's RSVP Panel, and you can manage the messaging displayed in this Panel in the Attendee List tool. However, you can also manually manage the RSVP status and responses for each attendee in the Attendee List.

You can group together attendees (if they are coming as a team, family, etc.), and by grouping attendees, any attendee from the group can RSVP on the Event Website for all other attendees in the group. You can also add Plus Ones to attendees and collect additional information on these Plus Ones (including name and meal choice) when the main attendee RSVPs via the Event Website.

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