Assigning Contacts to Itinerary Items and Viewing/Downloading Contact Itineraries

Video Tip - Go to the 1:04 mark of the video to view information on how to assign Contacts to an Itinerary item (while you are adding the item).

You can assign Contacts to Itinerary Items so you can easily view each Contact's items and download an Itinerary PDF for each Contact. This is very useful if you want to obtain a timeline for each of your Contacts for when they need to be doing certain things at certain times during the Event.

When you are creating a new Itinerary item (by clicking on the "Add Item" button on the Itinerary dashboard), there is a field in the form where you can assign one or more Contacts to the item. You can assign Contacts to existing items by following the instructions below.

To Assign Contacts to a Single Itinerary Item:

  1. On the Itinerary dashboard, find the line item and click on its name.
  2. Find the "Contacts" label; click on the "Update" button; add/edit your Contact selections; and click "Save".
    • NOTE: You can add a new Contact that has not been added to the account or assigned to the Event by clicking on the "Create New Contact" button.

To Add Contacts to Multiple Itinerary Items:

  1. On the Itinerary dashboard, for each item to which you want to assign Contacts, click on the checkbox to the left of the item.
  2. Once you have selected all appropriate items, in the "Available Actions" menu that has has appeared, select the "Assign Vendors/Contacts" option.
  3. Click in the "Attach Contact(s)" field to select one or more Contacts and click "Save" when you are finished.
    • NOTE: This only adds Contacts to the items, so if you wish to remove Contacts, you need to do that by editing the individual item to remove them.

To View Itinerary Items Assigned to a Contact and Download a PDF:

  1. On the Itinerary dashboard, find the "Filter by Contact" area and click on the appropriate Contact. The view will change to display only the items assigned to that Contact.
  2. To download a PDF of that Contact's items, click on the "Import/Export" button; select the "Download PDF" option; and follow the instructions.
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