Overview - How Do Contracts Work

The Contracts tool lets you create and send legal contracts to your clients electronically from inside your Planning Pod account and collect electronic signatures from those clients.

With this tool, you can:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Want to paste text from a document into Planning Pod? Read these copy-and-paste instructions first.

The way our Contracts tool works is that you input your contractual text into our tool and then you can email your client a link to a Webpage where they review the text on screen and sign the page electronically.

Because if this, you will not be able to attach a PDF or electronic file of any pre-existing legal language to a Planning Pod Contract. However, you can generate a PDF of any Contract you have created inside your Planning Pod account (which will include signatures if the Contract has been signed).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have not verified, nor will we verify, the identity of any signatory or party who signs a contract electronically, and it is the responsibility of you and the other signatories to verify each other's identities. We also do not certify or attest to the completeness, validity or enforceability of any document. These services are intended for use in the United States, and we disclaim any use of the services outside the boundaries of the United States or in any jurisdiction where the services do not comply with current law. Electronic signatures may not be enforceable for all legal documentation. You should consult your attorney to determine whether our services are applicable in your geographic area and/or in specific use cases. You are encouraged to download, print out, and maintain a hard copy for all signed legal documents that you process via our site. For more details, see our Terms and Conditions.

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