Overview - How Does the Vision Board Work

The Vision Board is a flexible, visual collaboration tool that lets you and your team members, clients, contractors, volunteers and other users upload images that can be labeled, placed into categories, sized and commented on by everyone.

It's a great way to share ideas visually (like for decor, colors, themes, etc.) and collect feedback from all your team members and stakeholders in one consolidated place.

With this tool you can:

  • Upload images to share.
  • Share images from Dropbox, Google Photos and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Create categories and place images into categories.
  • Add a title/description to an image.
  • Post comments for an image.
  • Share a URL link of the Vision Board with other people without giving them access to your account.
  • Create Vision Board Templates (with uploaded images) that you can import into new Events and reuse over and over again.
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