Overview - How Does the Message Board Work

Inside of each Event is a Message Board where people assigned to the Event can exchange messages with each other.

The Message Board is great for internal notes regarding the event that you do not necessarily want to send in an email via the Communications tool, but would like stored within the event.

NOTE: The Message Board is a simple messaging tool and is not meant to be a substitute for your usual email program (like Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Also, you cannot email attendees or send out invitations using the Message Board tool; instead, you should use a platform like Survey Monkey or Constant Contact.

Here is how the Message Board generally works...

  • Users with access to the Event can create messages, attach files and send them to other users who have been assigned to the Event.
  • These messages are then emailed out to the designated users, who can reply to the message.
  • All replies to a message are stored in the message's thread inside of the Message Board.

With this tool, users can:

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