Posting a New Message (With File Attachments)

You can create a message (with files attached, if you wish) and either send it now or save it as a draft for sending later on.

To Post a New Message on an Event's Message Board:

  1. Click on the "Message Board" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Message Board" tool.
  2. Click on the "Compose New Message" button.
  3. In the "Compose Message" form...
    • Add a subject
    • Click in the "To" field to select Contacts to send the message to.
      • NOTE: Only Contacts who have been assigned to the Event can be added as recipients.
    • Type your message.
    • To attach a File from your computer, click the "Select Attachment" button and follow the instructions. The file will be subsequently added to the "Files" tool in the Event.
    • To attach a File already uploaded to the Event's "Files" area, click in the "Insert Attachments from Event Files" field and select one or more files.
  4. To save this message as a draft to send later, click "Save As Draft".
  5. To send this message now, click "Send Now".
    • An "Email Sent" notification will appear at the top of the screen when the email is finished sending.

When your recipients receive the emailed message, if they choose to reply to it, the reply will be sent to the recipients they select and a copy will be sent to the message thread inside the Event's Message Board.


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