Overview - How Do Floorplans Work

The Floorplans feature is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop event design tool that lets you create detailed Event floor plan diagrams, including:

  • Table plan layouts
  • Seating arrangements / assigned seating
  • Trade show layouts
  • And much more

This comprehensive tool gives you the ability to add many seating, architectural and design elements to your event floor plans, including:

  • Tables (round, rectangular, square, serpentine, seminar, cocktail etc.) with or without chairs
  • Chairs/chair rows
  • Furniture and plants
  • Trade show booths with Availability and hookup information
  • Infrastructure including floors, doors, obstructions, etc.
  • Stages, podiums and lighting
  • Entertainment elements (bands, DJs, Pianos)
  • Projectors, screens and A/V elements
  • Serving carts and food-and-beverage elements
  • Tents and outdoor elements
  • Safety and fire elements
  • Cars and transportation elements

Enhanced navigation functionality provides you the ability to mass add/edit elements like tables, chair rows and more. You can quickly and easily complete a variety of actions including:

  • Multi-adding tables with even distribution in your space
  • Multi-adding chair-rows
  • Multi-select elements to complete group edits like rotation, changing chair numbers/configurations, deleting/shifting elements and auto-distribute/align.

You can also create to-scale room outlines & upload an outline/diagram image - This is a great way to ensure that your event design fits the space perfectly - including curved walls, service areas and other unique elements your space offers. 

The Floorplan tool integrates with our Attendee List tool so that you can assign attendees to seats inside of a Floorplan, notate VIP Guests and use view filters to quickly filter by a variety of statuses. 

And, when you are finished with your floorplan design, you can download and print a full-color PDF of your design, table/seating details, setup instructions and well as export an equipment list of it.

Important Note: Only elements marked as favorites will show up in the client portal for us by your clients. You can mark an item as a favorite by clicking on the item > selecting the Star Icon from the menu > naming the item and clicking save. 

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