Managing View Options

The Floorplans tool gives you a variety of ways to view the design palette as well as to zoom in and out of the palette.

The "Current View" options let you choose one of three ways to view the Floorplan:

  • Design View, which shows just the elements that have been placed on the design palette.
  • Service Area View, which shows the placed elements as well as any service areas that have been created around tables, chair rows, etc.
  • Attendee View, which shows the placed elements as well as the names of attendees next to the seats they have been placed at.

NOTE: If you are generating a PDF of the Floorplan, the PDF will display whatever is the "Current View" (meaning what you see on the screen is what you will see on the PDF).

The "Scale" feature lets you zoom out to get a bird's-eye view of the Floorplan or zoom in to see areas of the Floorplan in more detail. The "Fit to Window" fits the width of the entire Floorplan in the window/palette area.

The "Grid" feature lets you turn on/off the box-grid in the background.

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