Managing View Filters in Floorplans


The Floorplans tool gives you a variety of ways to view the design palette as well as to zoom in and out of the palette.

View Filters
The View Filters on the right side of the design canvas allow you to change the current view of the floorplan design with the click of a button.

  • The Seat Count is at the top of the view column - giving you a real-time count on empty, filled and total seats on the floorplan.
  • The Attendee Statuses are next, VIP, RSVP, Meal Choice and Invitation Priority allow you to view the information you need based on what you are working on. When you change the view status the corresponding legend will appear above. Note: you can only see one attendee status view at a time so you must toggle through to see the different options.
  • The next Set of view filters can be turned off or on simultaneously
    • Checking "Show Table Clear Areas" will display the service areas set around the tables. This will assist it making sure that there is enough space between tables to move through the space or to ensure fire code/social distancing measures are followed.
    • Checking "Show Labels" will display any labels that were assigned to elements like table names or other element specific notations.
    • Checking "Show Table Numbers" will display the assigned table numbers


Visual Options

  • "Snap To Grid" is a function that will align your floorplan elements to a grid to ensure good alignment. Note: if you would like to use this feature make sure to check the box before you begin building your floorplan. Engaging this function after adding elements can cause items to "jump" into an incorrect square.
  • "Show Grid" allows you to display a background grid of 1 ft. blocks that allows you to better align elements that you place onto the Floorplan.
  • "Use Metric" will convert the imperial measurements to Metric for the users outside of the US.

Scaling Tools

  • You can expand the floorplan using the small "Expand Floorplan" icon in the upper right corner of the canvas mceclip0.png. This will remove excess navigation tools to give you more room to work on your design.
  • The plus and minus icons in the lower right of the canvas let you zoom in and out, respectively and the reset button will set the floorplan back to the center of the canvas.
  • Use the pinch-to-zoom or mouse scroll wheel to scroll in and out of the floorplan.
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