Uploading/Scaling a Background Image/Blueprint

Video Tip - Go to the 1:24 mark of the video to view information on adding a background image/blueprint to your Floorplan.

We realize that not every space or room is a square or rectangle with perfect 90-degree corners. So we have created a feature where you can upload an image file of the outline/diagram of the space/room that you are laying out. This image will serve as the background for the Floorplan, and you can scale it to the dimensions of the Floorplan design area/palette and place elements on top of it.

The first step in this process is to adjust the dimensions of the Floorplan so that the width is where your space is at its widest and the length is where your space is at its longest. You can set these dimensions either when adding a new Floorplan or by editing an existing Floorplan (by clicking on the "Edit Name & Dimensions" button on the Floorplan Dashboard).

Once you have set the dimensions properly, you are ready to upload the background image/diagram.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend that you crop out all the white space around the outside of the outline/diagram in the image you will upload; you can do this with most standard image editors like Apple iPhoto or Photoshop. This makes it easier to scale the image within the Floorplan tool.

NOTE: Only .png and .jpg files are accepted. PDF files ARE NOT accepted, as they are document files and not image files.

To Upload the Background Image/Blueprint:

  1. In the Floorplan Dashboard, find the "Background Image/Blueprint" feature and click on the "Upload Image" button.
  2. Click the "Upload Image" button in the modal box and choose the appropriate image file on your computer.
  3. The image will be uploaded momentarily.

To Scale the Background Image/Blueprint to the Floorplan:

  1. Once the image has uploaded, you will see it centered in the Floorplan's design palette. In addition, you will now see a sliding lever under the "Background Image/Blueprint" area.
  2. Adjust the "Scale Up/Down" sliding lever left or right until the edges of the image/diagram touch the border of the design palette. Ideally the edges of the image/diagram should go right up to the border of the palette area but not expand beyond it.
  3. Once you have done this, the image is to scale and everything you subsequently place in the Floorplan will also be to scale.
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