Collecting RSVPs via the Event Webpage

Video Tip - Go to the 7:33 mark of the video to view information on how to collect RSVP information via the Event Webpage.

NOTE: This article is for Events set up for collecting RSVPs. If you have set up your Event for selling tickets/collecting registrations, go to Ticketing & Registration.

Planning Pod's Attendee List integrates with our Event Webpage tool so that you can collect RSVP responses from attendees on your Attendee List from the RSVP panel on the Webpage.

Here is generally how this works:

  1. You add your attendees to RSVP Events in the Attendee List tool (as well as create any meal choice options or custom questions that you want attendees to respond to when they are RSVPing).
  2. An attendee visits the Event Webpage; finds the RSVP panel on the page; and types in their first and last name.
  3. Our system looks for a match in the Attendee List and, if it finds one, provides the attendee with an RSVP form based on the RSVP Events they have been added to.
  4. The attendee provides their responses, which are then updated and stored in the Attendee List tool.
    • NOTE: If the attendee has been added to an Attendee Group, they can provide RSVP responses for themselves as well as any/all members of their group.

After an attendee adds their RSVP information, they can always return to the Event Webpage to modify their RSVP responses (simply by typing their name into the RSVP panel). In addition, you also manually edit/update their responses inside the Attendee List tool.

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