Overview - How Do Itineraries Work

The Itinerary tool lets you create detailed timelines/schedules for your Events and is a great resource if you need to build:

  • Day-of event schedules
  • Production timelines
  • Timelines for each vendor or specific persons involved with your event (like volunteers, speakers, participants, wedding party members, etc.)

You can create itineraries with unlimited line items that span over multiple days, and you can also:

  • Assign Contacts and Vendors to line items and download PDFs of Itineraries for each Contact/Vendor.
  • Set reminders for all Contacts/Vendors assigned to an Itinerary item.
  • Assign a Venue space/room to line items and download PDFs of Itineraries for each space/room.
  • Attach a file to an Itinerary item.
  • Create categories; assign line items to categories; and download PDFs of itineraries for each category.

The Itinerary tool provides a number of views, including the ability to view all items chronologically or view items assigned to each Vendor, Contact, Category or Venue. You can also download PDF files of itineraries based on what is displaying on the screen.

In addition, you can create Itinerary templates for timelines/schedules that you use over and over again, saving you time.

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