Assigning Venues to Itinerary Items and Viewing/Downloading Venue Itineraries

You can assign Venues/Rooms/Spaces to Itinerary Items so you can easily view the items for each Space/Room and download an Itinerary PDF for each Venue Space/Room. This is very useful if you want to obtain a timeline for each of your Venue Spaces/Rooms regarding what activities will occur in those Spaces/Rooms during the Event.

NOTE: A Venue Space/Room must first be assigned to the Event (via the Event Dashboard) before you can add it to an Itinerary item.

When you are creating a new Itinerary item (by clicking on the "Add Item" button on the Itinerary dashboard), there is a field in the form where you can add a Venue Space/Room to the item. You can assign a Venue Space/Room to existing items by following the instructions below.

To Add a Venue Space/Room to a Single Itinerary Item:

  1. On the Itinerary dashboard, find the line item; click on the "Edit" button next to the item.
  2. In the form, find the "Venue" field; click in the field to select a Venue Space/Room; and click "Save".

To View Itinerary Items Added to a Venue Space/Room and Download a PDF:

  1. On the Itinerary dashboard, find the "Venues" box and click on the appropriate Venue Space/Room. The view will change to display only the items added to that Space/Room.
  2. To download a PDF containing the items for just that Venue Space/Room, click on the "PDF" button and follow the instructions.
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