Home Page Dashboard Panels

On the home page, you have the ability to add (or remove) dashboard panels that provide a glimpse of upcoming items in your account. Each user can customize their own home page dashboard.

NOTE: Adding particular dashboard panels is contingent on whether you have been given permission to access that particular tool/area in the account. For example, if you have not been given permission to manage To-Do's in the account, you will not be able to add the To-Do's dashboard panel to your home page.

Depending on your account permissions, you can add the following dashboard panels to your home page:

  • Budget Scheduled Payments
  • Booked Events
  • Calendar Appointments
  • Expiring Holds (Leads)
  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Invoices Due
  • Invoice Scheduled Payments
  • Incoming Leads
  • Quick Launch (ability to go directly to a particular event and tool)
  • Registration Activity
  • To-Do's

For many panels, you can click on the "View Details" button in the panel to see a summary of upcoming items for that particular tool as well as a link to each item listed that will take you immediately to that event/tool/item in your account.

In addition, you can adjust the settings for the panel by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the panel. For example, if you want to change the time range of items displayed in a panel, you can click on the gear icon for that panel and adjust that setting.

To Add a Dashboard Panel to Your Home Page:

  1. Click "Home" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the "Add Panels" button.
  3. Select the panel you want to add.
  4. Once the panel has been added, you can use the four-arrow icon in the top right corner of the panel to move the panel to where you want it placed on the page.

To Manage or Remove Dashboard Panels:
Depending on the type of panel, you can click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the panel to manage one or more of the following options:

  • Ability to hide or show panel on the home page. If you do not want the panel to display on the home page, select the "Hide" option.
  • Date range to display.
  • Options to view items assigned to you or all items.

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