Account-Wide Reports

The Reports area allows you to run customized reports for a variety of data types in your account.

All of the pre-built reports in this section will generate a .csv file (comma-separated value) that you can download. This is a universal file format that can be opened in any spreadsheet program (including Microsoft Excel and Google Docs). By providing you with reports in this format, you will be able to filter, download and manipulate the raw data from your account in any way you choose on your computer.

The reports we offer include:

  • Event Reporting
    • Booked Events Overview
    • Registration Orders
    • Leads Overview
    • To-Do's
    • Venue Space/Room Bookings
    • Budgets Overview
    • Vendor Summary
    • Time Tracking Summary
  • Proposal and Invoice Reporting
    • Invoices/Deposits Overview
    • Invoice Line Items
    • Open Invoices Aging
    • Invoice Payments
    • Invoice Payment Reminders
    • Tax Details
    • Additional Fees Details
    • Proposals Overview
  • System Reporting
    • Account/User Activity
    • Email History
    • User Account Access
    • Account Billing Summary
  • Miscellaneous Reporting
    • Contracts/E-Signatures Overview
    • Contacts Summary
    • Tags Summary


Most of the reports allow you to filter the results for a number of parameters/variables, which can include:

  • Date range
  • Event/Lead/Item name/status
  • Tags


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