Attendee Management - Registration vs. RSVP

 When creating an event, you have the ability to choose one of two ways to manage attendees:

  • Registration - Set up tickets to collect registrations/signups for paid or free events. This is typically used for paid or free events where you are collecting registrations and/or selling tickets. You have the ability to customize your registration checkout forms to collect detailed information on your attendees as well as payments, and you can collect registrations either through the event website tool or by embedding our registration form on your own website. This option is typically used for registration or ticketing style events like meetings, conferences, seminars, networking events, fundraisers, performances, galas, exhibitions or for-profit parties and social events. For more, see Overview - How Does the Registration Setup Work.
  • RSVP - Upload your guest list and collect RSVPs via the event website. This is typically used for invitation/RSVP style events like weddings, parties and social events as well as corporate invitation-only events. There is no option to collect payments for RSVP events, and you will be unable to collect RSVPs/signups for people who you have not added to the event guest list. For more, see Overview - How Does the Attendee List for RSVPs Work.

You will be able to use the Floorplan tool for either option so you can create assigned seating arrangements for any type of event, and you can also use the Event Website tool to collect either registrations or RSVPs.

Once you have selected between the Registration or RSVP options, you will be unable to change the type of attendee management from that point forward, so just make sure you know the type of attendee management you will be using before you create your event.

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