Downloading a PDF File of To-Do's

You can download a PDF file (which you can then email to other team members or clients) of To-Do's in each Event or Lead.

The way the PDF file download works is that whatever items are showing on the screen are what can be included in the downloaded file.

For PDF files, you have the option to:

  • Filter the To-Do's based on the following due dates:
    • Today + Overdue
    • Due the next 7 days
    • Due the next 14 days
    • Due the next 30 days
    • Due the next 60 days
  • Include the following for each item:
    • Assigned Contacts
    • To-Do List assignments
    • Notes

To Download an To-Do's PDF File:

  1. Click on the "To-Do's" tool button on the Event/Lead Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch or Switch Event tool to select the appropriate Event/Lead and the "To-Do's" tool.
  2. Filter the To-Do's based on which items you want to include in the PDF file.
  3. Click on the "Import/Export" button and select the "Download PDF" option.
  4. Select the preferred due date range and what information you want included in the download (Assign Contacts, To-Do List assignments, Notes).
  5. Click "Generate PDF Now" when you are finished.

NOTE: In the Reports area of your account, you can run a To-Do's Report that will provide a .csv file of To-Do's across events as well as for specified date ranges.

Video Tip - Go to the 5:23 mark of the video to view information on adding a background image/blueprint to your Floorplan.

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