Overview - How Do Checklists Work

The Checklists tool lets you build checklists that you can use for things like packing lists, shopping lists or simply a list of items that you need to track and check off when items are packed or finished.

The Checklists tool lets you create multiple checklists inside of an Event and add multiple items to each list, which you can check on or off based on the item's status.

NOTE: If you want to be able to assign due dates and assign items to Contacts, you should use the To-Do's tool, which is built as a task manager to handle assignments, due dates, reminders, etc. The Checklists tool does not have this functionality.

You can also build Checklist Templates for checklists that you use over and over again so you can quickly add those lists to new Events. We have already created a few pre-built Checklists to get you started, including:

  • Audio/visual equipment checklist
  • Electrical equipment packing list
  • Medical/hygiene items packing list
  • Office supplies packing list
  • On-location tools packing list

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