Managing the Event Point-of-Contact for Registrations

We require that there be a main Point-of-Contact for any Event where Registrations are collected. This Point-of-Contact will serve as the individual, department or organization who will be responsible for responding to all attendee inquires and requests, including refund requests (if applicable). We require at least a contact name and email address that attendees can use for inquiries, but we also recommend you provide a phone number for inquiries.

The Point-of-Contact information will be displayed on all registration materials, including the Checkout Form, registration confirmation page/email and ticket PDFs.

When you first create a new Event, the form requires you provide the Point-of-Contact name and email address, but you can always edit this information later.

To Edit the Point-of-Contact Information for Registration Materials:

  1. Click on the "Registration Setup" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Registration Setup" tool.
  2. Find the "Setup Categories" box and click on the "Event Branding & Contact" link.
  3. Find the "Event Point-of-Contact" box and click on the pencil icon.
  4. Edit the Point-of-Contact name, phone and email address.
  5. Click "Save" when you are finished.
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