Overview - How Do To-Do's Work

The To-Do's tool is our application's task manager where you can create To-Do's for all sorts of tasks for you, your team members and/or your clients to complete. When you create a To-Do, you can add:

  • Assignments (where you assign the To-Do to one or more Contacts)
  • Due date
  • Reminder (email and/or text)
  • Notes

You can add and manage To-Do's inside the To-Do's tool in each Event and Lead, but you can also add and view To-Do's in the Calendars tool in your account.

Also, you can create lists for your To-Do's in order to categorize them for each Event or Lead.

The To-Do's tool provides a variety of filters for viewing your To-Do's, including the ability to view items:

  • Due today + overdue as well as upcoming.
  • Marked as "High Priority".
  • Assigned to To-Do Lists.
  • Assigned to Contacts.

In addition, you can create To-Do List templates for task lists that you use over and over again, saving you time.

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