Overview - How Does the Registration Setup Work

When you add a new Event, you have the ability to select the type of Attendee Management you will be using for the Event - either Collect RSVPs or Sell Tickets (includes free or paid Registrations).

The Ticketing/Registration option is typically used for registration or ticketing style events like meetings, conferences, seminars, networking events, fundraisers, performances, galas, exhibitions or for-profit parties and social events. Again, you can set up your Tickets/Registrations to be paid or free.

NOTE: We do not allow for sales of any kind of gambling, gaming or contests, including raffles and raffle tickets.

When you select the Ticketing/Registration option, you have the ability to customize your registration checkout forms to collect detailed information on your attendees as well as payments, and you can collect registrations either through the Event Webpage tool or by embedding our registration form on your own website.

We provide a handy "Getting Started" Checklist that walks you through all the important steps in setting up your registration checkout form and tickets. However, on the main Registration Setup page in the Event you can also click on the tabs to walk through all the setting options available.

If you are intending to collect credit card payments for your registrations, we use WePay as our credit card payment processor and you will need to provide WePay with your information so they can deposit funds into your bank account. We do not currently work with any other payment providers for processing ticket/registration credit card payments.

If you do use credit card processing for your registration, the processing and service fees are:

  • 2.9% credit card processing fee per transaction, plus...
  • 2.25% + $0.99 Planning Pod service fee per transaction

The Registration Setup area of the Event contains a set of tools for creating and managing...

  • Tickets for your event, including:
    • Ticket types and quantities
    • Ticket prices and sale date schedules
    • Registration checkout form (including the ability to add your own custom questions)
  • Event branding, including:
    • Event name, date and description
    • Event point-of-contact
    • Event logo and brand color
  • Checkout options, including:
    • Checkout time limits
    • Refund capabilities
    • Ticket transfers and ability for attendees to edit their information
    • Collecting donations
    • Event policies and FAQs
    • Allowing attendees to upload and/or download files at checkout
    • Post-checkout confirmation messaging and emails
    • Discount codes
  • Payment processing, including:
    • Credit card payments for registrations
    • Check payments for registrations
    • Service fees and how they are assessed to the order
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