How to Use the Event Website for Registrations

After setting up your Registration, you can use the Event Website tool to build a site for your Event and collect registrations and/or sell tickets through it.

Our Event Website tool automatically integrates with the Checkout Form that you set up in the Event's Registration Setup area. Once you have finished configuring your Registration, to use the Event Website to collect registrations/sell tickets, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the Event Website tool inside of the Event and customize the text, images, panels and other areas to your liking.
  2. Make sure that the Registration Panel is included on the site (by default it is automatically added) and customize the heading and color of the panel.
  3. Set the Event Website status to "online".
  4. Set the Registration status to "online".

Once you have done this, the active Checkout Form will appear in your live Event Website.

NOTE: If you want to embed the Checkout Form in your own external website instead of (or in addition to) using the Event Website tool, you can do that by following the Registration/Checkout Form embed instructions here.

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