Managing Checkout Settings

When working on the Checkout Options in the Registration Setup area, you can use the Checkout Setting area to configure the following items:

  • Checkout Time Limit - Set how many minutes are allotted for a ticket buyer to use the Checkout Form to check out. Once the time limit expires, any tickets that were being held during the session are released.
  • Processing and Service Fee Preference - Lets you determine if you want the Processing and Service Fee paid by the ticket buyer (and therefore added onto the price of the ticket) or absorbed into the price of the ticket. Learn more about how Processing and Service Fees work.
  • Minimum Purchase Age - Lets you set an age requirement for ticket buyers. If you select a minimum purchase age, anyone attempting to purchase a ticket will be presented with a modal form requiring them to enter their age prior to ordering.
  • Allowing Buyers to Request Refunds - Lets you designate if you will allow ticket buyers to request and be given refunds for their orders.
    • NOTE: If you select this option, we only allow for full refunds of entire orders; we do not allow partial refunds.
  • Allow Ticket Buyers to Edit Ticket Information - This allows the ticket buyer to be able to change the information on the ticket, including first/last name and email address as well as any other personal information collected and responses to custom questions.
    • NOTE: If you want to allow transfers of tickets, you should select this option.


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