Setting Up the Registration Checkout Process + Messages/Policies

Video Tip - Go to the 1:33 mark of the video to view information on setting up the Checkout Process.

In the Registration Setup area, you can use the "Checkout Details" functions to configure the following items:

  • Event Setup and Branding - Manage the Event name, dates/times, logo and color that are displayed on Registration materials plus the Event point-of-contact.
  • Checkout Time Limit - Set how many minutes are allotted for a ticket buyer to use the Checkout Form to check out. Once the time limit expires, any tickets that were being held during the session are released.
  • Minimum Purchase Age - Lets you set an age requirement for ticket buyers. If you select a minimum purchase age, anyone attempting to purchase a ticket will be presented with a modal form requiring them to enter their age prior to ordering.
  • Allow Buyers to Request Refunds - Lets you designate if you will allow ticket buyers to request refunds for their orders.
    • NOTE: If you select this option, we only allow for full refunds of entire orders; we do not allow partial refunds. If you select this option, you will be provided with the ability to review refund requests prior to refunding the registration. Refunds are NOT processed without your review.
  • Allow Ticket Buyers to Edit Ticket Information - This allows the ticket buyer to be able to change the information on the ticket, including first/last name and email address as well as any other personal information collected and responses to custom questions.
    • NOTE: If you want to allow transfers of tickets, you should select this option.
  • Ability to Accept Donations - You can include in your registration form the ability to request for an additional donation upon checkout and/or to request for a donation without purchase.
  • Downloads After Checkout - If you want your ticket buyers to be able to download files after they check out (for things like directions, guidelines, etc.), you can upload them here.
  • Notify Users of Placed Orders - If you want Contacts assigned to the Event to receive notifications when registrations are completed, you can add them here.

 In addition, you can use the "Messaging & Policy" settings to set up the following:

  • Checkout Confirmation Message and Email - When a ticket buyer completes their purchase, they are pushed to a confirmation page and sent a confirmation email, and you can customize the text for both of those items.
  • Event Policies and FAQs - You can create event policies and FAQs that your ticket buyers can view during their registration process and after they have completed the process.
  • Attendee Waivers and Disclaimers - If you need to have ticket buyers acknowledge your legal waiver and disclaimer language, you can add that language and it will be connected to a checkbox that buyers will be required to click on before they can complete the purchasing process.
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